Students against violence – Save Youth Bangladesh

Action may speak louder than words, but speech, images, or coded language can still be deadly. Bangladesh has frequently faced public unrest and violence including political riots and sectarian assaults.

Project Hithawathi – ‘Your confidante in Cyberspace’

With social media use comes cyberviolence. In Sri Lanka, children and youth ramped up their use of smartphones and laptops during the Covid-19 lockdowns as they studied and sometimes worked from home, leading to a growing trend of cyberbullying and cyber harassment.

Balancing between the right to freedom of expression and the fight against disinformation: Center for Media Research – Nepal

Social media connects people on an unprecedented scale, creating a vast stage for sharing information and opinion. In Nepal, where almost one-third of the population is still not literate, the sudden increase in internet and mobile access brings both great advantages and new problems.

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