Frequently asked

  • What is The Resiliency Initiative?

    The Resiliency Initiative is an online portal, launched in April 2021, that provides digital tools, social media resources, and community networks to produce counternarratives to misinformation in Asia.

  • How are you working with local communities?

    The online platform supports local civil society organizations (CSOs) in Asia with the resources, tools, and networks to produce accurate online and social media content.

  • What tools are offered on the site?

    The resource portal provides access to online tools, social media resources, and community networks to navigate the online space and produce counternarratives to misinformation. The site also provides stories of local leaders working to combat conflict in their own communities and images and artwork by regional artists.

  • What is the benefit to local community groups? Are there workshops I can attend?

    A series of online workshops were held in 2020. Check out our events page for information on both past and future events

  • Who funds this project?

    The Resiliency Initiative is managed by The Conflict and Fragility Team at The Asia Foundation and supported by Facebook.

  • Is the site only available in English?

    The site is now available in Thai, Urdu, and Bengali! Communication in regional languages is important to us and we will continue to roll out other regional languages over time.

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