Step-by-Step Guide to CSO Social Media

To help Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) advance their causes via social media.

This handy guide is a summary of the Resiliency Initiative’s approach to using social media for CSOs. Use and share it online or download it for offline use. You can also find in-depth articles, worksheets, infographics, and videos on the topics covered here in the Resources section of this website.


Section 1

Section 1: How To Connect Social Media With The Real World

Civil society organizations (CSOs) need to go where the conversations are happening to empower the people you are trying to help. Go social!

Section 2

Section 2: How To Communicate With Your Audience

Good communication connects with people. This chapter will show you how to get your audience’s attention and make your message connect with them.

Section 3

Section 3: How To Create Effective Social Media

The better your content is, the more likely people will share it. Here are a few handy tips to help you create quality content and maximize your online presence.

Section 4

Section 4: How To Measure Your Impact

Measurement is important to understand how much difference your work is making to the people, groups, organizations, or communities involved.

Section 5

Section 5: Social Media Do’s And Don’ts

Guidelines and tips for avoiding missteps and creating positive engagement online.

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